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To people who are saying air guitar doesn’t sound like mcfly, first of all you haven’t even listened to the entire song and second it doesn’t sound like mcfly cause it’s a mcbusted song, it’s a new sound, it doesn’t sound like busted either

I liked that sound!

Personally, what makes a band my favourite band is that no matter what paths they take with their music I still love it! Every album! And I never mentioned anything anywhere, but I had started to miss mcfly… just when the new songs started to appear, mcbusted came to the world and all that was behind, but I also get that it felt complicated for the guys too… they took, are taking, quite a risk! And then suddenly air guitar appeared and so far so good for me :D :D :D
Can’t wait to listen to this new mcbusted sound!


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This week’s Coffee With Gi is on a mission to bring back ‘Dear Tom/Dear Carrie’. Thumbs up if you agree!

This was soooooo AWESOME!!! Hahahaha
Thank you Gi for saying what we were all thinking!!! And in the best way ever.
You turned out to be a really, REALLY good vlogger!


So true hahahahaha

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Paseando hace años
Por una calle de aromos en flor
Supe por un amigo bien informado
Que acabas de contraer matrimonio.
Contesté que por cierto
Que yo nada tenía que ver en el asunto.
Pero a pesar de que nunca te amé

-Eso lo sabes tú mejor que yo-
Cada vez que florecen los aromos
-Imagínate tú-
Siento la misma cosa que sentí
Cuando me dispararon a boca de jarro
La noticia bastante desoladora
De que te habías casado con otro.


- Aromos - Nicanor Parra


Have a good weekend, Tumblr. 

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